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Andy Monks Commissions

Are you looking for your own specially designed custom artwork?

Do you hear the music in the night? mystery swirls you.

I want to put magic in your hands, bring things from other worlds; the supernatural, the mystical.

Drink the potion, enchant me, make magic,

Float to the Isle of Somnium, a creature of the shadows and mysterious nights,

Wander to the swamps of Trick Monkey, all fiends are welcome.

What I will draw


Creatures of all varieties (probably not puppies or kittens unless they are mutating)

Gods, Goddesses and mythical Deities

Characters / Mascots

Pinup Girls



Low Brow

Pop Surrealism


Notes about commissions:

I have particular styles I work within, please note which ones you like before we begin, I will ask what suits.

Upon request, Each commission comes with limerick, poem or piece of prose to match.

What I won’t draw
3D objects and figurines
Commercial Project/Long Term Work