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Slaughterball released - unboxing video!

The board-game Slaughterball that Andy Monks modeled miniatures for, has shipped. It was a successful Kickstarter campaign and the game is now spreading across the world.


You can some previous posts and renders about this here and here.


Ours has arrived and we are yet to play it but will be getting it on in the next week or so.  Andy modeled the Nemesis, Carnage and the Maverick Gibralter figurines.


Here are some unboxing shots!

We were going to do a video but we saw this one from peteyandycreek on YouTube and he did a great job - and he's a fellow Aussie!

If you're in Brisbane and want to try the game, let us know and we'll organise a game! You can contact us through the Facebook page link below.

If you want more information or to purchase, head over to the Slaughterball website.

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