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Frankenstein Inspired Slaughterball Team Gruesome

  • TG Slasher Slaughterball
  • TG Razor Slaughterball
  • TG Cleaver Slaughterball

A while back I worked on a Kickstarter campaign for a new the board game simulating a brutal future bloodsport called Slaughterball.


The game was highly successful in it’s funding and will be shipping soon. You can see a previous post about Teams Nemesis and Carnage that I worked on originally.


As additional pledges some teams, mascot and other things were up for grabs. I got to work on Team Gruesome and a special figurine as a homage based on Sandy Petersen of Petersen Games and Cthulu Wars game fame, called Cthulu Peterson.

Cthulu Peterson Red
Cthulu Peterson Purple

This game is available for pre-order and the pledges from Kickstarter are shipping soon. I’m looking forward to getting mine soon and playing it.  Here’s a great video review from Undead Viking Videos if you want more information about this rad game! I was so stoked to work on this and if it goes well, we’ll do more teams and minis!

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