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Dwarves With Swords Kickstarter Live! Free 3D .stl file!

Dwarves With Swords has gone live on Kickstarter and to celebrate - Trick Monkey Studios are giving away a free Dwarf .stl file for anyone who wants to 3D print their own!


You can find out more about the game from the team at the official Dwarves With Swords Website!

Trick Monkey is proud to have created the miniatures for Dwarves With Swords, and we wanted to give something back too! 


The Kickstarter Campaign will be running until September 17th, so get on over and kick in your support!


In the meanwhile - Trick Monkey Studios will be painting our Dwarf step by step and documenting the process along the way! Follow our Instagram and Facebook page to see our progress.

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Painting the Dwarves With Swords Miniature!

This is how we received our Dwarf model straight out of the box - we can assure you the detail is fantastic, and it's hard to capture with clear resin as you can see! The miniature height is 18mm and if you're 3D printing your own - you can print whatever scale you want!

Dwarves With Swords Miniature Clear Print
Dwarves With Swords Miniature Close Up Front

Here Andy has given the model a base coat of Citadel Chaos Black model paint in order to prepare Mr Dwarf for some colour!

We will post up the next stages soon! if you've got any suggestions for colour - contact us via our facebook page and we'll go with the most popular submission!

And if you're looking for your own custom designed character for a board game or for your shelf in your bedroom - head over to our commissions page and we would love to hear your ideas!

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