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Brute Clown Monster for Dnd

A faint whiff of sickly sweet corn syrup, the whisper of carnival music and the dull thud of footsteps tells you a

brute clown is heading your way. They travel from town to town sometimes blending into nomadic

circus shows, seeking children as their young blood seems to please them the most. The strongest of all clowns, they delight in crushing their foes.

Brute Clown Monster Manual Page


Bloodthirsty Tenacicty. A huge brutish clown, full of muscle and little intelligence except for a drive for blood.

It will hunt you down with very little grace, they love confrontation and mayhem. The clowns giant hammer absorbs blood and fuels his brutush attacks.


Tough and Terrifying. The sight of a brute clown will send shivers down your spine as the lewd thug thunders down upon you swinging his giant hammer at your head. It’s formidable strength can bring even the toughest warrior to their knees and it’s glare will freeze you with fear.


Download Monster Manual Page for Brute Clown



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